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Club Foot Deformity Correction

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About 1 in 1,000 babies have clubfoot at birth. At Bay Area Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic in San Jose, California, experienced clubfoot deformity correction specialist Jack Guan, DPM, understands the concerns and questions you may have if your child has clubfoot. He offers compassionate care and personalized treatment plans for every family, so don’t wait to reach out for help by phone or through online booking.

Club Foot Deformity Correction Q&A

What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a birth defect that causes a foot to rotate inward, leading to the sole of the foot tilting sideways or up. This deformity occurs when a baby has a shortened Achilles tendon. Around 50% of babies with clubfoot have it in both feet. 

When does my child need clubfoot deformity correction?

Clubfoot can cause long-term issues with walking and other physical activities, and it also increases the risk of arthritis, so medical experts generally advise parents to treat clubfoot early in their child's life. 

If your child has symptoms that could indicate clubfoot, it's important to see Dr. Guan at Bay Area Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic for an evaluation as soon as possible. Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Inward-turning foot
  • Underdeveloped calf muscle
  • Slight leg length discrepancy
  • Particularly deep foot arch

Your baby's doctor may diagnose clubfoot at the time of birth, or even before birth through ultrasound imaging. 

What does clubfoot deformity correction involve?

Clubfoot deformity correction can be either surgical or nonoperative based on your child's deformity and needs. 

Nonsurgical clubfoot treatment

Nonsurgical clubfoot treatment generally follows the Ponseti protocol. This treatment includes casting to hold your baby's foot in the proper position. Dr. Guan removes the cast and repositions the foot before applying a new cast once a week. This continues for several months. 

At the end of the treatment, Dr. Guan performs a minimally invasive procedure to extend the Achilles tendon in your baby's foot. 

After this treatment, your child needs to wear special shoes and corrective braces. If you don't use the braces properly, your baby's foot could drift back into the abnormal position.

Surgical clubfoot treatment

In the most severe clubfoot deformities, or when clubfoot doesn't respond to nonsurgical care, Dr. Guan may recommend surgical correction. With clubfoot surgery, he can realign the tissue and bones inside your child's foot and ankle to allow them to grow normally and develop full mobility as they do so. 

After surgery for clubfoot, your child needs to wear braces and custom shoes to preserve the proper foot alignment. 

To learn more about how clubfoot deformity correction can give your child a normal healthy life, call Bay Area Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic or click on the online scheduling link.